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Early April Salad Boxes

April 4, 2020 · by Tucker Farms in News, Recipes

We’ve had a few folks contact us asking us about what was in their box and/or how to best store their fresh-picked veggies.  First, there are several easy ways to store veggies, so don’t overthink it and just choose a method that works best for […]

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New Specialty Lettuce

March 10, 2013 · by Tucker Farms in News

When Craig proposed a “new” variety of lettuce for the greenhouse, Kikki freaked out a little.  The new specialty lettuce – branded Salanova(R) – sounded promising, but her first question was “Is it genetically engineered?”  Lots of “new” vegetable varieties on the market these days sound […]

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Weekly Ordering & Delivery Schedule

May 1, 2012 · by Tucker Farms in News

The Ordering Deadline each week is TUESDAY MORNING at 9:00AM for pick-ups Thursday through Saturday of the same week. For more information, please see our Find Us page and our Policies. Note: We usually up-date the store’s inventory on Sunday (when we can better predict […]

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