Whoohoo!! More fresh-picked carrots!  Most of this week’s carrots range in color from a creamy beige to shades of yellow to bright orange, and some bunches may contain some pink and purple varieties as well.  Other bunches may be solid orange, depending on which patches are harvested this week.

Our favorite ways to eat these carrots are sliced on salads or roasted whole with a bit of sea salt. They’re also great dip dippers and are yummy sautéed with OJ for a sweet side dish. The greens are edible and are a nice addition to salads, pesto, soups, and stocks. Check out the links below for more carrot ideas!

Twenty Carrot Recipes to inspire you 

Sold with greens. Each bunch will weigh one generous pound. More details below.


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We reserve the right to make substitutions if necessary but will make every effort to deliver what we have represented here. All images are taken of actual vegetables on our farm and are representative of what your vegetables may look like; however, unless the images include a scale or other reference to weight, the images shown may not be representative of the quantity you will receive for the advertised weight.  

All of our lettuces, greens, and vegetables are delivered raw, unprocessed, and “ready to wash.” Even if they look clean, you should always carefully and thoroughly wash all of your salad greens and veggies before you eat them!


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