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These wild-looking veggies (which some folks say look like hot air balloons or aliens) are a member of the cabbage family.  Kohlrabi have a mild, delicately sweet flavor and a tender-but-crisp texture – somewhat similar to a broccoli stem. 

These kohlrabi are the Kossak variety, so they are large (the bulbs weigh over 1# each) but still sweet, juicy, and crisp.  

You can cook kohlrabi’s green tops like kale, collards, or turnip greens, and the large bulb is delicious peeled and roasted like “fries.”  The thinly sliced bulb also makes a killer gratin – or amazing pickles! Kohlrabi are loaded with vitamins, potassium, and fiber.

In addition to green smoothies, Kikki makes green juice frequently.  On a whim we peeled and juiced one of these massive kohlrabi and it made the most delicious nutrient-packed drink!  [We used one part kohlrabi with one part fruit (apples + pineapple) plus a lemon and a chunk of ginger]

These kohlrabi are sold individually with their greens.*

Special Pricing: buy one for $3.00 .. two for $2.75 each … three or more for $2.25 each

Check out this great collection of kohlrabi recipes and commentary from Simply Recipes.

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