Hakurei Turnip


The hakurei is a “salad turnip” with a sweet, tangy flavor, a smooth white flesh, and a crispy-yet-tender texture. These roots are delicious cooked or eaten raw in salads.

The greens can be lightly sautéed or cooked “Southern style” alone or with other greens like kale or collards.  (NOTE: The greens this week have some bug damage, but they are still delicious for cooking!)

We’ve been roasting our hakurei turnips lately. To roast them, we usually cut them into quarters and then bake them on a cookie sheet at about 400 degrees on parchment paper for about 30-45 minutes. (We toss them one or two times during cooking; you’ll know they are ready when they are slightly golden and fork tender). The roasted turnips are super-yummy mixed into cooked greens; you can lightly sauté the greens while the turnips are roasting.

Each order will weigh approximately 1 delicious pound (with greens).  Additional details are below.

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We reserve the right to make substitutions if necessary but will make every effort to deliver what we have represented here. All images are taken of actual vegetables on our farm and are representative of what your vegetables may look like.

All of our lettuces, greens, and vegetables are delivered raw, unprocessed, and “ready to wash.” Even if they look clean, you should always carefully and thoroughly wash all of your salad greens and veggies before you eat them!


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