Sapelo Blooms


We are delighted to bring Sapelo Farms blooms to you! These flowers are grown by our friend Gabe and her family at Sapelo Farms in Silver Creek Georgia, and we promise they will bring some sunshine to your day … AND they make a perfect gift for your still-quarantined neighbor, your mom, your sister, or your friend who’s struggling with the chaos of 2020.

This week’s bouquets will include at least forty stems colorful blooms and greenery. You will probably notice a few heirloom varieties and might even find a few sprigs of fragrant herbs tucked into your bouquet. 

Sapelo’s flowers are grown sustainably and without chemical sprays.  They will be delivered in a recyclable box.

To help us cover the cost of our vegetable harvest and packaging, we request that you place a $20 minimum Tucker Farms vegetable order and consider blooms an “add on” to your salad greens/veggies/berries.


Rome Friends: You are welcome to order flowers through us, but, if you prefer to buy directly from Gabe, she will continue to take pre-orders through her website/social, and will continue to be at the Between the Rivers Farmers Market on Saturday mornings

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We reserve the right to make substitutions if necessary but will make every effort to deliver what we have represented here. All images are of flowers grown at Sapelo Farms in Silver Creek, Georgia and are representative of what your flowers may look like.  Please note the product description for information about what you can expect in terms of varieties and stem count.



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