Sweet Sungold cherry tomatoes are like a little bite of sunshine. They have thin skins and a wonderfully balanced flavor.

We are still very early in the season, and our harvest is unpredictable, so we will probably sell out quickly. As we harvest this week, we will add more sungolds into inventory.  By next week, we should have a lot more!

These little tomatoes are hand-harvested and have never been sprayed with chemical fungicides, herbicides, or pesticides.  

Sungolds this week will be sold by the pint.  NOTE:  because sungolds have a tendency to split, we pick them slightly under-ripe so that they can withstand packaging and transport.  We recommend you rinse them off and store them on your kitchen counter in a shallow bowl or colander.  They should be fully ripe (bright bright orange and super-sweet) within a day or two.

See below for additional details. 

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We reserve the right to make substitutions if necessary but will make every effort to deliver what we have represented here. All images are taken of actual vegetables and fruit on our farm and are representative of what your produce may look like; however, unless the images include a scale or other reference to weight, the images shown may not be representative of the quantity you will receive for the advertised volume.  

All of our lettuces, greens, vegetables, and berries are delivered raw, unprocessed, and “ready to wash.” Even if they look clean, you should always carefully and thoroughly wash all of your salad greens, fruit, and veggies before you eat them!


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