Ordering Deadline:  MONDAY at 11:59PM. Orders placed after 11:59PM on Monday will be delivered the next week!

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Delivery Locations for Online Orders

We deliver Wednesday and Thursday every week.  The ordering deadline for all deliveries is MONDAY at 11:59PM.

Please note there are three (3) types of Tucker Farms delivery locations.  Make sure you understand the differences between them before placing your order.

  • Parking Lot Pick-Ups — open to the public.  Place an order and we’ll meet you at the designated time and place.
  • Public Drop Offs — open to the public.  Place an order and we’ll drop it off at the designated location.  You pick up before the close of business on delivery day.
  • Private Drop Offs — not open to the public.  You may not place an order for delivery to a private drop off location unless you work there.  We will drop off with a designated individual (or in a designated location) on delivery day.  Each office or business will handle distribution and/or pick-up of orders internally.

(You can find more information about each of these delivery options on our Policies page).

Location Address City Day Time Type
PURPLE MOUNTAIN NATURAL MARKET 308 E 6th Ave Rome Thursday 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm Public drop off
CALHOUN DRUG COMPANY 450 Redbud Rd Calhoun Thursday 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm Public drop off

craig at gordon market


Farmers Markets

We are not participating in any markets regularly this season.  However, we may host a few “pop up” markets and may participate from time-to-time in markets in Rome, Calhoun, or Marietta.  Follow our Facebook Page for the most current information and announcements.



You can find our veggies on the menus of some of Atlanta and Chattanooga’s best restaurants.  If you’re curious, just ask!  Most restaurant team members know where their food comes from, and they are usually happy to discuss the farms that they support.

If you represent a restaurant or other food establishment that is interested in Tucker Farms’ lettuces, greens, or garden veggies, please see our Wholesale Page for more information about ordering and deliveries.

We love occasional visitors, but we are a busy, working farm, and we are not able to handle individuals who “drop in” unannounced. If you wish to visit the farm, please contact us to see if we can accommodate a visit.

Please note: We strictly limit visits to the greenhouse, and we are not an agritourism or educational facility. We are not authorized, licensed, or insured to conduct on-site sales. We do not have a store on the farm.