New Specialty Lettuce

March 10, 2013 · by Tucker Farms in News

When Craig proposed a “new” variety of lettuce for the greenhouse, Kikki freaked out a little.  The new specialty lettuce – branded Salanova(R) – sounded promising, but her first question was “Is it genetically engineered?”  Lots of “new” vegetable varieties on the market these days sound great, until you realize the freaky science behind them. 

So, Kikki did some research, contacted the seed company, and found assurance that this new breed of multi-leaf gourmet lettuce was born of several years of good old fashioned cultivation – with no genetic engineering.  In fact, the purported story behind the lettuce was pretty cool:  as the tale goes, Salanova(R) was inspired by a head of wild multi-leaf lettuce that was discovered in a wide-open field in Europe.

Once we felt comfortable that the Salanova(R) lettuce fit with our commitment to sustainable, natural, and non-GMO agriculture, we planted our first batch of seeds.  We started with a small crop so that we wouldn’t tie up too much precious greenhouse space with a product we hadn’t tested in our market.  Today we harvested our very first multi-leaf head of green oak leaf.  And, oh goodness … we think you’re going to love it!!

The folks behind these multi-leaf heads sent us some groovy tools to core the new lettuce.  However, Kikki accidentally left the contraption at the greenhouse, so she just used a sharp steak knife to core the lettuce when she got back to the kitchen.  It worked swimmingly.  The core was smaller than she expected, and it cut out easily to leave a beautiful pile of small, brightly-colored, “mini” green oak leaf leaves. 

Like all of our lettuces, the Salanova(R) varieties are grown in our hydroponic greenhouse, so they are delivered fresh with their roots attached and are grown in water with no dirt, no manure, no harmful fungicides or herbicides, and no chemical pesticides.

We think you’re going to love the convenience of our new multi-leaf head lettuce … and we think you’re really going to enjoy the tiny, bite-sized, flavorful lettuce leaves!! 

Currently, we have very small “sample” quantities of multi-leaf green butter, red butter, and green oak leaf available.  We plan to increase our production of this lettuce over the next month or two; please be patient with us in the interim as we adjust our seeding schedule. 

We’d also love your feedback:  After you try the Salanova(R), please shoot us an email ( and let us know your thoughts.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are some images of our very first multi-leaf head of green oak leaf lettuce:

salanova_leaves_after_core_removed salanova_head salanova_head_roots_attached_-_from_bottom salanova_core_removed

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