Tuscan Kale


Kale is often touted in the media as a “super food” because of its high concentration of vitamins and minerals.  This tuscano kale is a staple in many Italian kitchens and is also known as “dino” kale or “lacinato” kale.  It has dark green, textured leaves and can be used in salads, steamed, or sauteed — or, if you’re like Kikki, you can throw some in your morning smoothie!

We grow this kale in our hydroponic greenhouse, and we harvest it early, so its leaves are very tender.  

We made this Creamed Kale recipe recently (we subbed homemade cashew milk for the butter and cream). We also didn’t bother to cut out the center stalks because our Tuscan kale is so tender.  We’re also a sucker for a light, flexible veggie packed Kale Salad like this!

Priced per bunch.  Each bunch will weigh about 16 oz.

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