Weekly Ordering & Delivery Schedule

May 1, 2012 · by Tucker Farms in News

The ordering deadline each week is Monday night at 11:59 PM for deliveries on Wednesday (Rome) or Thursday (Calhoun) of the same week. For more information, please see our Policies.

If you need to place a late order – or modify an existing order after the Monday deadline – please email us at info@tuckerfarmsga.com. We’ll check our inventory and do our best to accommodate your request.

Note: We usually up-date the store’s inventory on Sunday (when we can better predict our harvest for the subsequent week). As such, the best times to place your order are late Sunday or Monday. (We post a “reminder” on our Facebook Page each week when our inventory is complete for a given week).

  1. Teresa Lumsden, March 24, 2020:

    Interested in participating in your boxed veggies! I love the joy in the pic!

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