Weekly Ordering & Delivery Schedule

May 1, 2012 · by Tucker Farms in News

The Ordering Deadline each week is TUESDAY MORNING at 9:00AM for pick-ups Thursday through Saturday of the same week. For more information, please see our Find Us page and our Policies.

Note: We usually up-date the store’s inventory on Sunday (when we can better predict our harvest for the subsequent week). As such, the best times to place your order are late Sunday or early Monday. (We post a “reminder” on our Facebook Page each week when our inventory is updated for the week).

  1. Teresa Lumsden, March 24, 2020:

    Interested in participating in your boxed veggies! I love the joy in the pic!

  2. Beckie Hawkins, November 16, 2020:

    First time to order

  3. Tucker Farms, March 2, 2021:

    Thanks for your support, Beckie! Hope you enjoyed your veggies!

  4. mboeckl, March 2, 2021:

    The 20 dollar minimum policy is understandable but not accepting an order that is over $19 has me scratching my head. Would be willing to round up to $20? Micky

  5. Tucker Farms, March 2, 2021:

    Good morning! Thanks for your question! Unfortunately, we are bound by the constraints of our system, and the only way to “get around” the minimum is for us to turn off the order parameters for the whole site, wait for you to order, and then re-set order parameters for the whole site. We feel your frustration and apologize for the inconvenience, but it’s not feasible for us to make system-wide adjustments every time we want to grant an exception to the order parameters.

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